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Just 500 kilometres north of Vancouver sits the jewel in BC's Central Coast, the historic township of Ocean Falls, nestled among magnificent granite peaks and sparkling clear water, where Link Lake empties into Cousins Inlet and beyond.

Exclusively accessible by air or sea, immerse yourself in natural beauty and tranquility as you escape to the relaxing hideaway of

'Company House'.

Our Location

'company house' & its history

Ocean Falls was formerly a seasonal village used by the Kwakwa and Nuxalk and was known as Liak, meaning 'falls'. In 1906 the Bella Coola Pulp and Paper Company acquired the surrounding land, having identified the impressive potential of hydro power generation from the large waterfalls where Link Lake emptied into Cousins Inlet. The company proceeded to build housing, a sawmill, school and hospital in the years running up to completion of the dam and Ocean Falls became an operational company town in 1912. It was the largest pulp and paper mill in British Columbia and would remain so for many years to come.

Once the mill was in full operation, Ocean Falls quickly became a thriving town, boasting one of the largest hotels (and swimming pools) in the province and a population that had grown to 3,500 by early 1950. Eventually though, the rising costs of the modern world made a remote company town inefficient to run and the latter-day owners ceased operating it as such in the 70's, with the provincial government keeping the mill operational until 1980. Today the population has trimmed down to less than 70 people.

However, elements of the towns productive history still stand proud and 'Company House', which was built in 1917 to accommodate visiting company officials, directors and dignitaries in its four private suites, has continued to be lovingly cared for across the last century and still exudes, the character, charm and style of the era and folk for which it was designed.

Company House

yours to explore

There's an abundance to explore and discover in and around Ocean Falls. Whether it's meandering through the remains of the old community to imagine what it was like in its heyday or hitting one of the many hiking and biking trails around the lake and mountainside.  Perhaps a day trout fishing or seeking out natural marine hot springs dotted around the coastal inlets.

  The list is endlessly yours to explore!

Exploring Ocean Fall
Your Journey Here

your journey here

The road to Ocean Falls is where your adventure begins... because there is no road! Your unique retreat is only accessible by air and sea!

For those in a hurry to 'check in and check out of city life', local seaplane companies connect with Pacific Coastal Airlines in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. 

While those wanting to unwind during the journey and soak in the scenery, BC Ferries' Discovery Coast Passage runs between Port Hardy on Vancouver Island and Bella Coola on the BC mainland, stopping at ports along the way, including Ocean Falls.

Or for the boating enthusiasts meandering the Discovery Coast Passage and Inside Passage, Ocean Falls offers a place to drop anchor and enjoy a few days in the tranquility of 'Company House'.

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